Set up an Appointment

At KCCU, your needs are our top priority. When you are in the market for a mortgage, a loan, a line of credit or if you need advice to make an investment, you need accurate, reliable information to ensure you understand your financing options or to recommend the most appropriate investment for you. 

There are several ways to arrange a meeting with Loans/Investment specialist:

1. Call your nearest branch and ask to speak to a lender/ investment advisor.


2. Send us an email request at

Please bring as much information as possible with you to get the quickest and most detailed information on the mortgage or financing package best suited to your needs.

Examples of the type of information you will need for mortgage financing are:

  • The amount you will be needing and an explanation of the purpose (e.g. refinance, buy a new home)
  • Your family income (e.g. 2 most recent pay stubs, your T4, a letter of employment)
  • An offer of purchase (and sale if you are selling your existing home)
  • Proof of the source and amount of your down payment
  • The amount of payment you would like ideally (KCCU will let you know your options)
  • A list of your assets and existing credit cards, loans or other debts
  • Your membership number or valid identification if you are opening an account at KCCU