Home Equity Line Mortgage

Use the equity in your home to get the best rate for all your borrowing needs. When you have equity in your home , a Home Equity Line can make a lot of sense.

  • Save money by only paying interest on the amount you use
  • Pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • Pay the lowest rate every time by having your loan pre-approved
  • Ready when you need it, convenient and easy to use
  • If you see some large item you want, you can just buy it (up to your limit)
  • Buy a car or a boat on the spot
  • Go on a vacation
  • May be connected to your chequing account
  • Cover unexpected  home repairs
  • Life, disability, critical illness insurance available
  • Special low rates (based upon KCCU base rate)  




Use our calculators and tools to determine payments and affordability.