Home Renovator Loan Deal

Make your home improvement project a reality with KCCU! There is no better time to tackle those home renovation projects you've been planning. Increase your home equity and maximize the enjoyment of your living space. Whether its exterior work to be done when the weather is nice or interior projects in the winter, a home renovator loan helps you get the work done faster, so you can spend more time enjoying your upgrades. The Home Renovator Loan Deal by will provide the flexibility you are looking for.  Contact your branch to arrange your financing with a Line of Credit or Loan.  

KCCU supports positive environmental action and projects that reduce our carbon footprint. Maximizing energy efficiency in key areas such as windows, exterior doors, insulation, siding, home heating or alternative energy such as solar panels, pellet stoves, geothermal power, heat recovery ventilation systems, heat pumps, in-floor radiant heat are all ways to benefit your home and the environment.

Renovations include maintenance, painting and paving, replacing your septic system, sump pumps, plumbing. landscaping, additions, sunrooms, roofing, almost anything that makes your home more liveable and adds to its value. So ask us how to make your ideas happen with affordable payments. Live better and save money doing it!


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