Mission - Vision - Values


Kingston Community Credit Union's mission is to foster the financial health of members by delivering outstanding and affordable financial services using co-operative principles


To be the most trusted financial service provider and grow the well-being of our community


We value: Co-operation: people helping people, Integrity: always doing what is best for our members, Community: commitment to strengthening our community, Sharing: sharing our success with our community and members, Financial Strength: building financial strength with co-operative and sustainable ethics, Education: sharing our expertise, and Respect for All.

Operating Objectives

Member Financial Services

  • Offer superior personal service
  • Meet financial needs for all life stages
  • Provides products for the entire wallet
  • Use best delivery channels for every generation
  • Leverage emerging financial technologies for our member services

Community & Member Engagement

  • Build strong and co-operative relationships with members and the community
  • Engage our community to bank with us
  • Engage KCCU and staff in community building
  • Create a financial education strategy
  • Support our community charities, co-operatives and not-for-profits

Financial Strength & Long Term Viability

  • Promote our co-operative market differentiation
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Seek opportunities for growth
  • Improve the diversification of products and revenue sources
  • Share our profits with the members and foster the co-operative business model

Organizational Growth

  • Advance effective recruitment and staff engagement
  • Build tomorrow’s leaders
  • Communicate effectively and co-operatively
  • Seek collaborative opportunities
  • Seek collaborative opportunities

Our Market Conduct Code