Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit or Pre-Authorized Payment Authorization

Direct deposit is a convenient, fast, and secure way to receive your payroll or other deposits directly into your chequing account.

Pre-authorized payments are a convenient way to automatically pay your bills from your chequing account based on a schedule you set up with your vendors. 

Find instructions below to access the information required to arrange for direct deposits or pre-authorized payments to/from your account with KCCU.



Instructions to locate Direct Deposit or Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Form in Online Banking


1.  Log into MemberDirect® Online Banking


2.  From the main menu, select the account you would like to credit to for direct deposit credit or debit from for pre-authorized debit (your chequing or savings account).






3.  Select the link to the Direct Deposit or Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) form which will appear as indicated below.  Note that it may take a few seconds to appear after selecting your account.



4.  Click on the form in your download folder to view, print or save.  As the form contains personal information and your banking details, we recommend that you only provide the information to your payroll department or vendor in a secure manner. 



No Online Banking Access?

If you do not have online banking access, please use the Deposit or Pre-Authorized Payment Form found on our website and contact us  for your account number details.  We will be required to identify you prior to providing any account information.



Setting up Canada Revenue Agency Direct Deposits

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has made it easier for Canadians to sign up for its direct deposit service or change their existing account information by creating an enrollment process that can be accessed through most Canadian financial institutions.  Direct deposit is a convenient and secure way to receive your payments from the Government of Canada. Use the links below to learn about the different ways you can enrol to receive one or more payments by direct deposit or to update the banking information you already have on file.

Learn More about Government of Canada Direct Deposit

CRA Direct Deposit Q & A 



Payroll Savings Plan for Kingston Health Sciences Centre Employees

If you are an employee of KHSC Kingston Health Sciences Centre, you can take advantage of their Payroll Savings Plan.  Payroll savings allows a certain portion of our pay to be automatically deposited into your accounts at KCCU each pay period.  The funds are deposited among your accounts, loans, or investments in any fashion you like.  This is a great and painless way to repay a loan, save for emergencies, Christmas, your children’s education, or your retirement.  Automatic is the best and easiest way to save.  Pay yourself first with a payroll savings plan!  To sign up, visit your payroll department or contact us directly and start saving today!

Learn more about KHSC Payroll Deduction Services 



Fraud Prevention

  • Only share your personal and banking information with those intended parties and in a secure manner.  
  • After you sign up for direct deposit or preauthorized payments, verify your payments by checking your statement to ensure payments are going in/out as expected.  
  • You can confirm that a payment was sent by the CRA by logging into CRA My Account.
  • KCCU or the CRA will never send you an email, text or e-transfer with a link asking for your personal information to receive your benefit payment or refund. These are scams.  Do not respond to these fraudulent communications or click on any of the links provided.
  • Direct deposit helps reduce the risk of mail fraud and delays caused by a postal disruption.