Serving on the Board of Directors

As a member/owner of KCCU, you have a voice in the future direction of your Credit Union. Our annual Board of Directors election is your opportunity to support the continued success by choosing members you feel will best fill the important roles as your Board of Directors. 

Kingston Community Credit Union annually accepts nominations for positions on its Board of Directors.  As stated in the Notice of Vacancies, positions are for a three-year term open for election at the Annual General Meeting.

NOTE: For the 2019 fiscal year-end meeting to be held Tuesday, March 24th, 2020. Nominations will close at 4:00 pm on February 25th, 2020.  For details regarding Board of Director responsibilities and general information, please see the DICO Director's Handbook, as well as the Message from the Chair of the 2020 Nominating Committee.

For full details regarding the nomination process and to apply in any given year, please see the 2020 Director Candidate Package. Printed copies of the Application are also available at our branches upon request.  Completed applications can be submitted via e-mail to or dropped off at any KCCU branch to the attention of Mary Lowdon, Corporate Secretary. 

All prospective applicants must meet eligibility standards and must seek the signatures of 2 Nominators who themselves meet the Nominators eligibility requirements as outlined in Schedule C of the Director Candidate Package. Applicants will be required to meet with KCCU's Nominating Committee. For more information, please contact our Corporate Secretary, Mary Lowdon at    or 613-384-5555.

Please note, the information shared will be held in confidence and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information on our Privacy Policy, click here.

We thank all Nominees for submitting their applications and for their interest in serving on KCCU's Board.


Message from the Chair of the 2020 Nominating Committee

Notice of Vacancies

2020 Director Candidate Package

DICO Director's Handbook