Starting a New Job

So you've completed your education! Now what? The real world awaits and with it comes choices.
Some questions you might be asking yourself...

  • Do I want to work for myself?
  • Will I work part-time, piece work or on projects?
  • Will I apply everywhere for a job that suits my skills and education?
  • Or perhaps I'll try a little bit of all of the above while I try to get into my preferred or chosen field?

Life is complicated by the many choices and opportunities we have. KCCU can help you with a chequing account, opportunities to save and after you've been employed for one year, perhaps a loan or a credit card. We can help you apply for a credit card, we can offer you overdraft protection to help manage your bills between paycheques, a loan to get a car or to get started moving into your new home or apartment.

We can offer you a variety of investments BUT it's important to sit down with a guidance counselor, a friend, a parent or a Loans/investment specialist and decide on your ground rules. The first thing we recommend is perusing our Financial Literacy Tools. such as Budgeting Basics. A proper financial understanding of Credit Scoring can save you from making the kinds of mistakes your parents are hoping you won't make that they might have. Mistakes they learned how to avoid, many the hard way like spending too much too quickly when they got their first credit card or spending all of their money each paycheque. Learning skills on how to save for example 10% of every pay, or avoiding buying luxuries on credit, or limiting eating out. These are all habits that will help you get a solid footing starting with your first taste of independence. Starting your New Job is your opportunity to create a financial blueprint for yourself. One that can help you to accomplish the things you want and set goals and milestones, like paying off your house by age 45, retiring at 55 or whatever you want to achieve. The important thing to remember is to consult a professional and stick to a plan.KCCU can help you, so call us today and arrange an appointment with a Loans and Investment Specialist to discuss getting started.