Saving for a Rainy Day

Saving is something Credit Unions have taught their members to place a high value on since they began in 1900. KCCU can offer many ways to save to help you get ahead. The most important thing is to place a priority on yourself and your future before you spend money day to day. One of the newest ways to save is KCCU's "Round Up" feature.

You wouldn't ask a financial person to do your plumbing, so why ask a plumber how to make a solid financial plan. KCCU works with members to provide real solutions for real people depending on their individual circumstances. Borrowing and saving must be done to maximize benefit by saving interest on loans, and maximizing interest on investments.

KCCU has many ways to make it easy if you are interested in saving. It is the Credit Union's belief that a balanced program of debt reduction and savings will be of the most benefit to members throughout all the phases of their life cycle (Growing, Learning, Purchasing a Home, Having a Family, Working to Pay down the mortgage, Retiring, Saving and planning a legacy for the next generation). KCCU can offer systematic deposits in a variety of Investments (such as Term Deposits/GICsTFSARRSPRRIFRESPMutual funds*)

Whether you need a mortgage or want to talk to an investment advisor, you'll need to set up an appointment to get started.