Community Involvement and Charitable Donations

Caring in our community is a part of our values. Our children, friends and neighbours all live in our community and depend on corporate responsibility to promote co-operation, fairness, caring and compassion for the less fortunate. KCCU has had 100 percent staff participation in the United Way since 1980.

The Credit Union has also supported the staff's tradition of providing assistance for food and Christmas gifts for over 1,000 less fortunate community members through the Christmas Caring Program. In 2015 KCCU also assisted families through our co-operative partners Interval House and Dawn House.

Since 1991, the Credit Union has supported Co-operative Leadership in local schools with our “Leadership through co-operation” Scholarship. For more information on community involvement, please see our Community Involvement page, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter or visit KCCU on You Tube using the links on the home page of the main KCCU web site at (this website).